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Re: park boundary

I concur with the original message, there needs to be a open forum meeting of the parish council so they can then represent the feelings of all villagers.

As I see it there are three questions that arise.

1)Do we need a national park at all, or is the existing area of natural beauty status that already exists sufficient?

2)If there is to be a national park does Farringdon want to be in or out?

3)Is the proposal to include Upper Farringdon but exclude Lower Farringdon appropriate?

What are my views? I don't believe we need a National Park, but I suspect the idea now has too much momentum to stop. I am genuinely undecided as yet whether it is better to be in or out, but CATEGORICALLY we must not allow them to split the village in two. We are one village, community, parish etc and the implications on future development of the boundary going through the middle would put a wedge into this. Lower Farringdon already has more than its fair share of traffic, industrial usage etc.

We can all make individual representations (and should do) but the parish council must use its greater influence to convey the majority view, whatever that may be.

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Replying to:

in view of the proposed new boundary for national park status which will split the village in two,i trust that the parish council will now use all their efforts to ensure that the village is treated as a whole,and that if one part of the village is included/excluded then the other part should be treated the would be a great pity if the parish council could not be seen to be acting in the best interests of all this is a matter that affects everyone it is assumed that a general meeting or an opportunity to express concerns is given to all villagers.