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Masseys Folly

Once again we have a problem with our village hall. The very hard working V.H. committee have had an offer of a nursery school. This means that the hall will be used from 8.00 till 6.00 each day for five days with only a short break at Christmas. If this ambitious project succeeds. This could mean that the hall will no longer be available for the use of the village during the day.
The WI which I am sure you will remember has been in the village for 85 years. Is now faced with the prospect of no longer having somewhere to meet each month.The WI do understand the problem that the V.H. Committee have and we have always done our best to support the village.
Maybe it is time for the village to get together and buy or it maybe possible to rent the rest of the folly. Come Farringdon don't let another facility slip though your fingers lets all get together and do something.

Re: Masseys Folly

Please note that a group uf us are fighting really hard to save our Village Hall. There is a meeting on 18th May at 7.30pm. Your chance to make a difference. An invitation to you all is with the Magazine. PLEASE come It will be worth the glass of wine. Letters of objection to the proposal for residential use are being circulated if you would like one please contact me.either email or telephone.