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I would like to ask why Boomers corner is not labeled as an opinion column because honestly I am wondering where he got his facts about the animal shelter controversy and weather or not anyone fact checked this article before it was posted. Lets start with you get what you pay for I was never asked what I was willing to pay for were you? I have never seen one single fundraiser performed for the shelter have you and if so when was it. Did you know that according to the fiscal budget the shelter came in almost 15,000 UNDER budget? As for the too cool or too warm comment lets get it right there was no heat in the building for 5 years and puppies froze to death but I suppose I okay-ed that also since you get what you pay for. I like how you took for fact that PETA inspected the shelter, they had never been there. In fact the state had not inspected either according to them in a separate conversation. The shelter had a surplus of budget there was no reason for any of the suffering that happened and I am sure that even if the shelter needed funds a fundraiser could have been arranged most shelters in America have them since none of them run under budget if properly run. Extremely disappointed in the lack of empathy that this article expressed humans are animals too we are just usually the worst kind.

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