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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MY NAME IS TANIA MELCHOR

dude this thing is rediculous and funny and what ever else you wanna call it but the whole you sending me a message thing was great i haven't laughed that hard in a while... "if your not a ***** you'll meet zeke @ 12:00 after school" haha wow sounds like a ******* gay ass movie "meet me after school at the flag pole!" haha are you serious that was dumb... by the way if i'm the ***** then why do you have people relay the message instead of telling me yourself you have my number... your turning this into a big ******* stupid deal... you said for a guy to back her so of course i will but its funny to me that she hurt your feelings and you had to go off. by the way you were mad and said you wanted for someone to leave their name and she did, so you want to fight me cause shes not a ***** all she did was tell the truth straight up she didnt diss you but you called everyone out and she answered and you want to fight. if you want to get down thats fine cuz i got her back but if actually want to turn this into a big deal about bringing other people into it etc. thats so ******* childish and stupid. if you want to get down fine we will but leave it at that enough blowing this thing up... for example the whole me having a strap that was me mocking you by the way cuz your message made me laugh when you try to bring other people into this and say "you know what they can do" thats dumb just handle it or leave it alone dont turn it into something its not... enough girly drama either call me and tell me yourself you want to handle it or except the fact that your trippin off my girl not being scared to speak up and chill the **** out. peace.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MY NAME IS TANIA MELCHOR

how the **** im i suppossed to tell u face to face if i dont even see u. u saying all that **** bout the starp. wtf is up with that. thats **** u get shot for. if i was sosmone else ud be dead right now. u blew this up. ur girl talked the ****. not me. i just replied. u said u wanted to get down so where u at. but u kno wat i realised ur not down for ur ****. i am. ima leave it at that. cus if u were u would have done something. u came at me saying u know where i live and ****. i simply said if u really are looking for me to meet me. u said u wanted to. so check urself. why u even say ur strapped. thats just stupid. next time in the future watch wat u say. and stop righting ****. cus im not comin on here ne more. this is childish. its me and u not just me. remember that.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: MY NAME IS TANIA MELCHOR

whatever dude i said call me not face to face and you said it yourself its both of us so if you wanted to get down you could do something about it. you said you wanted a guy to back her up so im obviously gonna back her up you should know that. i'd expect you to back kristy. whatever im just sayin whatever you wanna do do it im tired of draggin this out. but know that this **** talkin is ***** ****


wow, this is all real stupid. ****. Zeke, you said for people to post their names coz they r all pussies. Tania posted her name and u want to fight over that, or wut? and you reply with all of that **** like that so of course jimmy has her back. man, and all of this is just ******* ****. all u will do is talk ****. and i herd that zeke keeps avoiding jimmy. i dont know, but that sounds like ***** **** to me. im just sayin. zeke, would u ever have the guts to confront jimmy face to face? i dont know. Are you scared. maybe u r, maybe u should be. i know alot of people who hate you. its wierd. wutever, im just sayin.


i saw him many times and he did nuthin. im not the *****. ur all losers. why u still bringing it up. i did all the punking. if jimmy doesnt want to fight then wtf am i supposed to do. i mean its was never even about me and jimmy. u talk alot of **** so why dont u confront urself..........goldy lox. i kno who u r. so shut the f u c k up. or maybe thats the new trend. talkin ****.