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Jamin' With Jenn Show

My Address if you would like to send your music for airplay..
Jenni Hauser
P.O. Box 142
West Salem,
54669 USA

WICR Broadcast Country Radio - Featuring the
"Jamin' with Jenn Show" 7 - 23rd,09 - Thursday Evening Show

Jamin' With Jenn Intro...
Al Green__Tired Of Being Alone
Clarence Frogman Henry__ I Don't Know Why, But I Do
Ray Stevens__ Misty
Stoney Edwards__Just for Old Time Sake__Misty Records
Danny Patterson__The Touch Of Little Hand__KMA Records
Frank Jones__Last Time I Saw Her Face__Misty Records
Julie Taylor____Sing Me Back Home___Little Hollow Records
Mike Headrick & Ralph Mooney, Good Hearted Woman (inst)___ Country Discovery
John Maine Jr __Outlaws Runnin' Wild__Endless Love Records
Beau Renfro_____ I'll Always Be Here____Stardust Records
Ian B. MacLeod___A Very Precious Love____Pinewood Records / TKO
Rhonda Henderson__ I Just Wanna Love You - Written By Jimmie Adams__Misty Records
Bill Durham____Honey, Who Do You Love___Bull Records
Shirley Raye__Yes Ma'am__Country Discovery
Aage Oagee Nordheim__Understand Your Man__San Eagle Records
Wherrol B Flat & Jay Scott Berry and Graeme Bird__Where I Want to Be__Wedgetail Records
John Maines JR___Everytime I Think Of You__Endless Love Records
Ernie Ashworth__Forever Gone___Stardust Records
Paul Stout____Country Livin' With Rock-N-Roll Women__Independ. Artist
Bad Bob Rohan__Pistol Packin' Mama___RhonBob Promotions
Neil Andrews__They Found Love___Ready Records
Rooster Quantrell__I Can't See Me Without You___Stardust Records
Barry P. Foley___Airport Love Story__Western Heart Promotions
Andrew Dean__ Every Little Tic And Toc__Nite Sky Records
Graham Gould__ Streets of Your Town__Independ. Artist
Cheryl K Warner__Nashville__RhonBob Promotions
Kent Grey__I Got A Thing Or Two To Do Before I Go__La Tene Music
Bad Bob Rohan___Down Yonder___RhonBob Promotions
Kitty Wells__It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels__Integrity Records Distributers
Stoney Edwards__Lately I've Been Leanin'__Misty Records
Ann Pascoe___On The Menu___RhonBob Promotions
DeLon___ When I Come Of Age___Skyway Records
BJ Young__Waiting On Your Love__Independ. Artist
Dave Caley___Honky Tonkin'__KMA Records
Country Bob Browne__Brisbane Ladies__Pinewood Records
Dave Caley____Chosen One____ Miranda Leakelane
Andrew Dean__ Could It Be___RhonBob Promotions
Cindy Lane Adams__Paradise Is Just A Faith Away__Turner Music
Curtiss Andrews___Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw__Ready Records
Aage Oagee Nordheim___When I Fall__San Eagle Records
Bill Durham___Southern Lady___Bull Records
Danny Griego__Itty Bitty Outlaw___WHP
Rick Sharp___That's All She Wrote___Universal Sound Records
Stan Cox__Shame On Me Shame On You___LS Stride Records
Michelle Towns__Soft Rain__Ready Records
Graham Gould____ Ladder of Love___Independ. Artist
Sid Cox__I'll Take The Honky Tonk Sound__Little Hollow Records
Brenda Burch___The Rush__RhonBob Promotions
Hermann Lammers Meyer & Norma Jean__Till The End Of Time__Desert Kids Records
Graham Gould____Storm Of Love___Independ. Artist
RB Renegade__Wishes__Seven Feather Productions
Brooks & Magee__TheCalling__RhonBob Promotions
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan__The House__Stardust Records
Rhonda Henderson__When Our Towers Fell - Written by Jimmie Adams___Misty Records
J.K. Coltrain__Weekend Willie Nelson__Colt Records
Winston James & Drugstore Cowboys__Why Me___Misty Records
Beccy Cole__Girls Out Here__Independ. Artist
Keith Bradford__Lifes Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer__KMA Records
Yvon Malenfant__Cry___Independ. Artist
Wherrol B Flat & Graeme Bird and Jay Scott Berry__Through My Tears__Wedgetail Records
Ernie Oldfield_____ Without Your Love____WIR Records
Debbie Nunn _ Look so Good__AGR - Universal
Bill Murphree___ Feeling Is Believing____Country Discovery
Dave_Caley___Honky Tonkin' The Night Away__KMA Records
Hermann Lammers Meyer & David Frizzell__ The Best Part Of Nothing__Desert Kid Records
Duane Lee Proctor___If I Had My Way___Independ. Artist
Silas Walker__When You Fell In Love With Me___Independ. Artist
Stan Cox__Hank & Lefty's Ghost__LS Stride Records
Dave Caley__Speed Of A Fool__KMA Records
Jeff Chance ___ Lonesome's My Friend__Hillcrest Records
Lou Nelson__Its Now Or Never__Tx Drover Records / LNPM
Aage Oagee Nordheim___Still In Town__Artist Carousel / San Eagle Records
Ann Brown__The Only One I Know__RhonBob Promotions
T Jae Christian__Record Low__Universal Sound Records
Johnny Heap__Sunday Afternoon Country Music__Pinewood Records
Allen Karl__My Final Rose___RhonBob Promotions
Karen Dee__It's The Woman Behind The Man__CPRI
Vance Greek__Gettin` Ready To Go__Independ. Artist
Wild Wild Westt__ Sitting Pretty__RhonBob Promotions
The Drugstore Cowboys - If This Ain't Love__Misty Records
Julie Richardson__That's Enough Of That - Marty Martel
Sid Cox__Picking Up The Pieces__Little Hollow Records
Stan Cox__Redneck, Alabama__LS Stride

Re: Jamin' With Jenn Show

Thanks a million JENNI for playing ERNIE OLDFIELD in your really great radio show! Best wishes to you, Team of WIR