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Jamin' With Jenn Show

My Address if you would like to send your music for airplay..
Jenni Hauser
P.O. Box 142
West Salem,
54669 USA

WICR Broadcast Country Radio - Featuring the
"Jamin' with Jenn Show" - July 19th,09 - Sunday Nite Show

Jamin' With Jenn Intro....
Al Green__ Lets Stay Together
Billy Fury__ I Love How You Love Me
Buddy Holly__True Love Ways
Eden Kane__ Boys Cry
Debbie Nunn _ Look so Good__AGR / Universal
Frank Jones__Last Time I Saw Her Face__Misty Records
Beccy Cole___Feel This Free__Independ. Artist
B Jeff Stone__The Coldest July__Diamond Back
David Mercer___ I'll Catch You Here In My Heart!__EH King Music
Jasper__Eternally __EH King
Bad Bob Rohan__Pistol Packin' Mama___RhonBob Promotions
Ronnie Lee Hurst___Magic Pen___Independ. Artist
Tony Pollon__Lost Forever___Independ. Artist
Hermann Lammers Meyer & Norma Jean__Till The End Of Time__Desert Kid Records
Stan Cox___I Thought You Were Somebody Else__LS Stride Records
Ben Gonsioroski__Everything Turns To Love___TSP Country & Americana
Fred Leonard__We've Got To Make It Right__Empty Sky / RhonBob Promotions
Keith Bradford__Life's Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer__KMA Records
Meandered Lake__Waving At The Train__South Fork Records
Lenaye Pearson__Someone Loves You__Diamond Back
Denise Brooks & Bobby Magee__Rose from the Garden__Independ. Artist
Sid Cox___Old 8x10 Frames in Gold__Little Hollow Records
Stan Cox___Roses, Sweet Choc'lates, and Wine___ CPRI
Dave Leefield__ Footprints In The Sand___Little Hollow Records
Klambert__In My Mind__Corona Records
Lou Nelson__ Pretty As A Woman Can Be__Little Hollow Records
Lynn Davis__Hurt Like Haggard And Cry Like Jones__BSW Records
Aage Oagee Nordheim__Sunday Morning Coming Down___San Eagle Records
Graham Rodgers__ We`re Gonna Be Alright___RhonBob Promotions
Michelle Rae__ You Can Bet Your Boots___Little Hollow Records
Wolfe Milestone__To Our Future__Independ. Artist
Tony Pollon___ Home Made Wine____ MIAOTW
Bobby Williams___Just An Old House__Plaz Records
Julie Taylor (Live)__Fast Train To Georgia__Little Hollow Records
Ronnie Lee Hurst____I Underestimated Loving You____Independ. Artist
Voices of Hope__Let's Just Try - Written by - David Bethune ( Voice of Hope is a group of 17 Artist from all over the World)
Wyndi Renee__If Only I Knew Then__Plaz Records
Hal Willis__Me My Love And A Memory__Pearl / WHP
Stan Cox__City Cowboy__WHP
Ron Thompson__Momma's Hillbilly Boy__Hill Topper Music Group
Yvon Malenfant__Crying Again___Independ. Artist
Hermann Lammers Meyer__Alley Of Shame___Desert Kid Records / Hillcrest Records
Gene Watson & Vince Gill__Let Me Be The First To Go___Hot Disc
Graham Gould ____There's a New Way__Independ. Artist
Ernie Ashworth__Hey Mr Dj___Hill Topper Music Group
Allen Karl__Then I Met The Master__Century II Records
Ernie Oldfield___ Back To The Roots__WIR Records
Phillip Clarkson__Don't Let Go__South Fork Records
Kelly Schoppa __ Boots__Tex-CDX Comp.
Ian B. MacLeod__Where The Blue Of The Night__Pinewood Records
Jimmy Eaves__The Walls Of This House___RhonBob Promotions
Ervin Allen__You're In My Memory__Tsp
Willie Nelson___I Told My Heart A Lie___Tex-CDX Comp
Aage Oagee Nordheim____From A Distance____San Eagle Records
Andrew Polk__Unconditional Love__New Life Talent Records
Jimmy Bee__Road Of Love__Corona Records Int'l
Jeff Chance __Wine Me Up___Music Master Records
Becky Hobbs___ Honky Tonk Saturday Night____Stardust Records
Duane Lee Proctor__One More Night Without You__Independ. Artist
Jerry D__Gonna Love You Darling___Nashville Impact
John Maines Jr__Drinking Whiskey Chasing Girls and Raisin Hell___Endless Love Records
Anne Conway__ Ride On Little Cowboy___Independ Artist
Keith Gilley__ Honky Tonk Wine__Tex - CDX Comp
Lynn Davis__That Commin' Back Look___BSW Records
Jeff Chance__What Did I Promise Her Last Night__Music Master Records
Archie Rivers___Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down__Artist Carousel / Tree Publishing
Doc Holiday__Mr Joe__Mega Records
Jimmy Bee__Through The Shadows Of My Mind__Corona Records Int'l
John Maines Jr___That West Virginia Night__Endless Love Records
Ann Pascoe_Have You Ever Been Lonely_RhonBob Promotions
Billy Darnell__They Don't Make Country Like They Used To__Independ. Artist
Becky Hobbs___The Boots I came to Town In___Stardust Records
Aage Oagee Nordheim___Loving Her Was Eaqsier___San Eagle Records
Billy Craig___Flip Flops__Independ. Artist
Rhonda Henderson___Times Like These____Misty Records
Anne E Longacre__Iowa Breeze__Lampco Records
Billy Darnell__ Love You___Independ. Artist
Kimberley Glover__Never Forget Your Dream__Lampco Records
Donna Ray__Midnight To Five__Artist Carousel / Jim Flynn Music
Hal Willis__Let The Good Times Roll__Pearl / WHP
Becky Hobbs__Time Stands Still__Little Hollow Records
Graeme Clarke__Always My Best Friend__Independ. Artist
Morton Lohnes__Just An Old Guitar__Lampco Records
Ken Wentworth___Honey Don't___Artist Caro

Re: Jamin' With Jenn Show

Thanks a million JENNI for playing ERNIE OLDFIELD in your really great radio show! Best wishes to you, Team of WIR