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(Drumroll Please!).... I've finally settled on a fave

I thought I had this done long ago... until I discovered I had yet to read Vincent's tale, which I promptly did! SOOOOOO.... I think Vincent is my fave!

Yes, he's gotten bored with life, etc. Yet he thinks nothing of rushing to save Stephano's life and giving up his only chance of turning a lifemate. Then, when it dawns on him what he has done... ahhh, I could almost feel his heart breaking!

He's a vamp, yes, and all vamp at times.. but still so very very human underneath it all. And the conscience! He has to 'feed off the hoof' yet he is so not pleased with the idea of biting others, what a strangely wonderfully mixed up situation for him!

Not to mention he is sexy fun and playful as well.. the grocery shopping was soo funny!

I absolutely love that phone call with Bastein "but she's a mortal... and a girl!" gee, nice of you to notice Vincent!

lol, yeah, he's a keeper, this one!!!!

(grins, I discovered the extra smilies)

Re: (Drumroll Please!).... I've finally settled on a fave

We are in agreement Angel! ABTR and Vincent have been my favorite along with TD&H and Bastien for the longest time.

Glad you like Vincent's book as much as I do!


Re: (Drumroll Please!).... I've finally settled on a fave

Well it took me a while but yeah, Vincent is just the one for me!

Re: (Drumroll Please!).... I've finally settled on a fave

yea...Vincent and Thomas are the most human to me...for some reason i doint think of them as immortal all the time I am more inclinded to think of them as the hunky guy who lives next door!