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lending books

i leant my mate Love bites because i thought she would like the book and she seemd keen but its like four months later and she still hasint picked it up coz shes been buzy how can i tell her nicely i want it back coz i wana read it

Re: lending books

Hi copper,

I suggest that you just ask your friend if you can get your book back because you are rereading the series before the next book comes out. Tell her that if she still wants to read it, you will loan it to her at a later time when it is more convenient for her to read it, or possibly the library will have it.

hth, wren

Re: lending books

You could say "Hey Mate (lol sorry) someone else wants to borrow that book and since you are busy I said I would loan it to them"
and if she is says she wants to read it direct her to amazon or barns & noble.

or be honest and say " I Want My **** Book Back Now!"

hehehehhe I think the first and second are probably easier.

Re: lending books

Yep, just tell her that you are wanting to read it again and could you have it back, please. When she has time to read it she can let you know you'll be glad to loan it again. Then let her be the one to request it again.

Re: lending books

thanks so much guy this is a great you have been a big help i just really hate confronting people