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The Weird stuff file

Dave asked me to come in and erase Acal's post. I have and am now starting it again. I erased it because a story was copy and pasted and we aren't sure of legalities of such things. After the stink with another author and copyright infringement accusations and so on we just don't want to take any chances. If you want to reference a story or article from another site just put the link down. Others can go read it and return to comment here. You can give a quick description yourself here, but in your own words.

Acal's post was about an elderly lady who had apparently passed away on her couch. It seems someone covered her where she lay and simply lived there without calling anyone in to take care of the situation. I think they suspect the individual was collecting her old age check and living there despite her corpse.

A bit cold-hearted and gruesome rather than weird if you ask me. I mean . . . ewwwwwwww.


Re: The Weird stuff file

Sorry if we are being naughty children Lynsay :).
And to that post... Ew x 10. What the heck!
HOw are things going?

Re: The Weird stuff file

Another thing that can be added.. three infants were recently found in a freezer in a northern German city!