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Sheesh the MEDIA!

Okay this reallllllllllly doesn't have much to do with Lynsay or writing its just... You know the Miley Cyrus deal? Gawd I feel sorry for the little girl.
My nieces love her. I feel like EVERYONE is blowing this up into a "scandal" lol a 15 year old making a scandal? because they are tired of reporting the snarky stuff HIlary and Barack say and how old McCain is (tehehe).

I have seen the Vanity Fair photos they are beautiful not sleazy. The people reporting these stories are the sleaze balls.

If this isn't allowed... on the forum I understand, there's just only so much stuff you can say about books :). I like hearing other opinions too.

Re: Sheesh the MEDIA!

I like Miley Cyrus, and thought the Hannah Montana show was cute. I think she is a smart girl, and her parents are watching out for her. I haven't watched any news lately, so I don't know what is going on here. But, the media is always trying to make a bigger deal out of most things than necessary, kwim?