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RITA Awards

Well, I was wondering why Lynsay wasn't a finalist or a winner for any of her books. I scanned back at least a decade and didn't see anything.

I checked to see how they chose these people because if it was by fans, I was going to suggest that we all band together to vote. Unfortunately, it seems that either the author or their publisher must submit the book for consideration.

So I was wondering if her name was submitted because I find it hard to believe that after having how many books hit the bestseller list, she wouldn't be a finalist if not the winner.

I tried to find out if there were any restrictions because she was from Canada but I was unable to access some of the information without submitting an application for membership. Though the rules for the RITA award mention that the book submitted must have a North American publisher and be an English version which implies that Lynsay's books would have no problem. When I did a search on their website for Canada, it mentioned foreign chapters for members of Romance Writers of America.

There is a fee (price not mentioned) plus they require 5 copies of the book(s) submitted. There is a paranormal romance category.

Are they crazy over there Lynsay or did you not submit your books? It's closed for 2008 but I'm guessing those awards are for the books from 2007. So that means Vampires are Forever and Vampire, Interrupted can still make it for 2009! And even The Rogue Hunter too.

So what's the scoop here?


Re: RITA Awards

If I'm not mistaken, Lynsay has only recently become a member of RWA & therefore wouldn't have qualified to apply in any of the earlier years.

Also, I doubt very much whether she would want to actively seek an award for herself. If the publisher wanted to propose her then that's fair enough but all of us here at spice acres feel that the thought of an author touting to get an award for their own books is just a little bit tacky.


Re: RITA Awards

Well then, the answer is obvious. We must contact Avon and tell them we want Lynsay's books submitted for the future events, Kim.

I agree with is not Lynsay's style to promote herself by submitting her own books. She is entirely too modest about her work, even with all of us, her faithful readers and official forum fans!

If you haven't read it, forum friends, go to
and look for Mr. Spice's blog on February 17 called
"Bursting the Balloon." (Just scroll to the bottom and hit view more entries to get to it.) It is sure to make you smile. Keep in mind when you read it that "Vampires Are Forever" had just hit #3 on the NYT bestseller list...although a certain modest writer didn't mention it.

However, I am not modest about letting her publisher know how much I appreciate Lynsay Sands work and would like to see it recognized...and I'm sure all of the other friends and readers on this forum will agree!


Re: RITA Awards

It certainly does sound tacky when you nominate yourself, but not when other people do it though..

Re: RITA Awards

I am with you Wren. She definetely gets my vote

Re: RITA Awards

Re: RITA Awards

Acal. Yes it does.

Re: RITA Awards

Maybe we can bribe them with Cheesecake?

Re: RITA Awards


I'm all for the cheesecake bribe! Think the powers that be at Avon would like our cheesecake?


Re: RITA Awards

We could only hope.


Re: RITA Awards

You guys are so cute. Yes, you or your publisher have to enter and, no, I wouldn't do that. CK used to pester me like crazy to join RWA so he could enter me. Knowing that entering meant he'd nominate me was enough to make me drag my feet about joining, lol.

Seriously, I wouldn't enter. First off, I don't think I'd win. There are loads of awesome writers out there with a better chance of winning. Second, if by some fluke there was a miscount and I DID win . . . GOOD GOD!!! I'd have to get up in front of everyone and SPEAK . . . and sound halfway intelligent while doing it!!! IMPOSSIBLE!! You should have heard me in Vegas. OHMYGOD!!! I am a babbling idiot!!

Ahem, sorry, lost it there for a minuet. . . umm . . . yeah. . . so . . . er. . . that's why I'm never in the Ritas : )

Lynsay the babbling wussy

Re: RITA Awards

Lynsay don't feel bad about for not liking to speak in public. I heard that most people fear public speaking above even dying.

So if you are a wussy then so is most of population on earth.

Do we know anyone at Avon we can bribe? May take something stronger than cheesecake.

Re: RITA Awards

Lynsay I wouldn't want to do the public speaking either but I am sure you are not as bad as you think. you are so modest, miss count my foot!

Ok Ladies put your thinking caps on....a stronger bribe than cheesecake....

Re: RITA Awards

Awww I feel you Lynsay (even though you deserve tons and tons and tons of awards x 2) When I graduated I had to do a Salutatorian *haha I probably didn't even spell it right AH WELL!* Speech and I was thinking "Will they notice if I pee myself in this gown?"

GOod Times. That was a few years ago and I still wish someone had just pushed the microphone and podium off the stage before I went up there so I didnt have to speak. Wahahahaha.

Re: RITA Awards

I think the worst part about public speaking is all the eyes trained on you. And there is no way I can picture everyone naked

Re: RITA Awards

Jill, most the time you wouldn't want to...

Re: RITA Awards

Well I think it all depends on the audience. If it was let's say male models for Lynsay new book cover I wouldn't be to averse to the idea

Re: RITA Awards

I doubt I would do much speaking then either more like drooling all over the place.

Re: RITA Awards

Oh I don't know Kelli. I think we could articulate a few words like "yummy" and "tasty" and "chisel chest" (had the use that one heard it recently and still has me cracking up)

Re: RITA Awards

Lynsay, you have a whole forum willing to speak up and cheer for you (we need to get our shirts printed and our pom-poms ready, SASSy ARGENEAUTS) and besides, you can't have any harder time speaking if you win than umm...Luke Arimault. Just be your sweet self and pretend that it is just us you are talking to when you win.

Lynsay, please don't object to us writing or calling Avon. We won't if you say no, but we would really like for Avon to nominate you. I agree, it is tacky when authors nominate themselves, but you are way too modest about your work! Truly, we would be on our best behavior when suggesting that Avon nominate you.

As for other great authors, I have books on my keeper shelf by authors who have won RITA awards, and your books...almost the entire collection (I'm still working on getting all the historicals) and two copies of each Argeneau (I thought it might be a good idea to have a second copy as I read them so often, and especially for when the "Dorchestor Three" are hard to find)...are on the shelf right beside those other great authors.

The never humble nor bashful (well, not often ) wren aka W2ofAE4

P.S. I will behave myself if Lynsay lets us write or call Avon, I will behave myself if Lynsay is nominated, I will behave myself if Lynsay wins, I will not make Mr. Spice send me to my corner if Lynsay wins...(Just practicing, it might be useful if I learn to behave now )

Re: RITA Awards

Wren does it work if you say that out 3 times fast? "I will behave myself if...."

Re: RITA Awards

Not in the slightest, dear sister...but I thought I would give it a try. It probably won't help, but it sure can't hurt!

I was thinking if I practiced, I might be able to be good for a little while.

W2 of the I do not forsee it happening!

Re: RITA Awards

Neither do I but you get an "A" for effort.