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What is on your "to do list" today?

I'm not bored, but there is so much that has to be done today! Takes away from my playtime with everyone. Tis the way life goes...especially when things get piled up! I'm very good at piling...and not so good at getting my work done, although in some ways I'm very organized...unless I don't like the task, and I don't like some of these but they have to be I'm taking a tip from Gypsy and disciplining myself to make a daily "to-do list."

So, mid-morning the pest control man comes to spray the house

then this afternoon, we have dental appointmentsSmileyCentral.comjust for cleanings, thankfully.

The never ending laundrySmileyCentral.comand it would be wise to pick up some groceries to get by until the week-end as the stock in the fridge and pantry is getting really low SmileyCentral.comalthough I am fairly sure that dinner today will be take-out becaue I won't have time to cook! Can anyone say Taco Bell or Wendy's? Mmmmm...Or maybe we will just stop in the local mexican restaurantSmileyCentral.comas it is very yummy!

Also, must return overdue library booksSmileyCentral.comat least in the drop box before I have a huge fine ...dh gets very annoyed when that happens! Says that that is uncalled for, and he is right! Don't tell him I said so, though. Might as well take care of that errand since we will be out anyway!

SmileyCentral.comThe bills must be completed and paid, and I must go to the bank and post office! Dh was very sweet and organized it all for me, but his work hours are keeping him from being able to take care of it. Besides, I'm usually the detail person! Must make a list of spring cleaning and send in the house payment so that I have a house to clean, kwim? I have been so lazy!

Hmmm...the bank business can be put off until tomorrow's list, so I have time to concentrate on

So, we will do math and read in the van in's a nice little way of car-schooling to review on these kinds of daysSmileyCentral.comWait, I can make them memorize the New England states and the information...we have the flashcards for all of the states, and along with math review along with their reading assignment...we can work on those. Okay, school review is ready!

There is for dss some warm weather clothing as it's already starting to get hot and of course they have outgrown almost everythingSmileyCentral.comas we don't have a very long spring before the temps start to rise! But that is on the tomorrow list also...sound like Scarlett O'Hara..."I'll worry about that tomorrow" or whatever the quote SmileyCentral.comI hope the YMCA hasn't gone up on their rates this year...we only join in the summertime to swim because we do karate and basketball elsewhere I would love to have a swimming pool!SmileyCentral.comMust get the budget under control first!

Oh, and SmileyCentral.comI have to call The Plumber (that's his business name) because the pump on our wastewater treatment system that he installed last summer (correcting someone else's mess-up) is not that has to be repaired or whatever!Hopefully this is still under warranty! My Frog Prince told me to go ahead and give him a call, because he can come by and look on the outside even if I'm not home. The Frog Prince is having to work horrendously long hours right now, although he did get some lawn work done last Sunday. You have helped me organize today's to-do list!

Gardening can wait until the Gypsy-Pixie returns...that is her area of expertise!SmileyCentral.comShe absoulutely loves it...if she doesn't get home this week-end, I'm going to go hunt her down and bring her home!

Otherwise, I accomplish nothing...SmileyCentral.comwren aka W2ofAE4

Something tells me I'm not going to get to continue reading Celeste Bradley's new "The Heiress Brides" series today (ooh, it's so good)but I hope to pick up the next book in a quick stop by the bookstore! Older ds just made very happy sounds! He loves the bookstores as much as me! Younger ds doesn't mind stopping by either...he likes to look in the bookstore and the game store! Maybe I'll be able to check in on the forum tonight before bedtime! At least I got the laundy done in between typing!
wren...the multitasker?

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

HOly Crap Wrennie! (Do you mind if I call you that? by the way, your real name is beautiful, it is my sisters middle name and I am in love with it, almost want to marry it twice :) )

I was wondering what IIRC and KWIM stand for... I feel absolutely silly asking but had to.

I have do tons of laundry because I moved from an apartment and everything smells like smoke since I left my roommate took up a uh new habit that involves smoking and the smell is KILLING ME.

I HAVE to read. Or else.

Worry about Friday...trying accupuncture for anxiety and Fibromyalgia...

Brush the fluff ball that is my cat (ugh its Every DAY) she is a shed machine. and loves my bed.

Wish it would quit raining so the wheat doesn't die so we can make some money this year.

I think thats about it.

Hopefully I get to see my two nieces Kylee and Mackenna today (*crosses fingers***)

My days are odd.

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

W2 you have me beat hands down. My list: Go to wally world (seems to be a favorite stomping ground). Get a few groceries to last the rest of this week.

Then Home Depot. Need a hand cart.

Have to pay for hubby to get to Atlanta in June. May do that tomorrow. That way I do not have to take him to our small airport nor have him wait endless hours on his return trip.

Sometime this week or the beginning of next need to get the muffler/exhaust fixed on the car. Along putting in the spark plugs and wires. We have had these since before hubby went out of town last time (early march). I know if I want it done I have to do it

Also I need to organize the living Room. I both a lot of wax and wicks. Joann fabrics is having a moving sale. So I bought around 50pounds of wax. Broke most up. I will be busy this summer making candles.

Will be on the forum later in the evening to catch up.


Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

Wren you are certainly the best multi-tasker hands down.

I have to organize my desk and start returning calls on oustanding contracts (yuck!)

Find time to get to the gym between, all these client dinners (which means more gym time if I eat like a horse - graze)

Pay bills, pay bills, pay bills - and payoff bills.

Replace my fence and add a back pation cover (I have a corner lot and you can see everything) without the Homeowners Association (Lawn Nazis)paying attention - so far they haven't noticed the trees and diseased shrubs I've pulled up and the pavers I have put down to extend my sidewalk. In the meantime my tan is looking good (don't worry I am wearing plenty of SPF).

Take my car to the dealership for oil change and tire rotation (yes, I am anal - every 5,000 miles like clockwork) this way I don't have to do this myself. Remember I'm high maintenance - would love to avoid the grease unless it's a nice looking man covered in it.

Finally starting to clean out my middle bedroom for major yard sale or to sell on craig's list.

I need to clean out my garage to get rid of a golf cart, I just need the local high school to come get it (they were going to repair it as a project for shop class);

My 3 stooges need baths, the smallest one does ok in baths, the middle one not so eager, the largest one - you practically have to lift and move him to wash him, because he has his own kiddie pool in the backyard that he lays in to stay cool, so he likes to lay in the water.

Oh forgot, I started re-landscaping my backyard and adding a seating area with a firepit. A nice cozy place to read my Lynsay books and not be disturbed.

and Yes, I have started all these projects at the same time. I'm one of those flights of fancy people, I start off in one room, and while passing another I think of something else I need to do, drop what I have in my arms and start in the room I just passed. It's a vicious circle, but cest la vie.

Stauri - who needs to find a genie in a bottle or hire a maid service to help with everything.

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

Well first

- Biology lecture..

- Get through exam.. (in 90 minutes)

- Go to bookstore and pick up book orders

- Go home and continue writing a challange story for a friend

- Then hopefully continue with my novel

- Watch some TV

- Then possibly more writing

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

My to do list hmmm....

Spring Cleaning mainly. Time to get rid of the old and dingy. Apparently I am pack rat and have tons of junk in my closets. Then I will finally start readying my kitchen to paint. I abhor painting. It is a pain in the you know where.

I am also trying my hand at gardening. Don't know if I have a green thumb but I am going to plant some flowers. Don't ask me what whatever looks pretty I guess.

Tomorrow is laundry day. Oh goody my favorite chore to do.

And like Stauri have to pay bills so I can spend all the money that I get paid within 2 days time.

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

I just learned not too long ago that KWIM stands for Know What I Mean but I don't know about the other. And dh I think is dear heart. I thought it was dear husband but then I saw people using it for wife and thought it must be heart. And it follows then that ds(s) would be dear son(s). Also, IRL, stands for In Real Life.

I know there are more but those are the ones I've seen used around here a lot.


Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

wow wren you're my new hero

as for my to do list..
(this is for thursday)
hmm lets see..

do everyones laundry because its laundry day, well friday is laundry day too but i like to get it done by thursday so i only have to do 1 or 2 loads friday

go by this restaurant/store and apply for a job hope i get the job

go to the library and pick up reserved book (once upon a king by Holly Jacobs) and read it

cook (i still dont know what i'll do with the shrimp )

give the dog a bath because she didnt have one this week yet

i think thats it

and maybe just maybe i'll tackle my room coz i'm supped to paint it and throw away one of the beds clean out the closet and well the list goes on and on..which is why i've been procastinating

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

My day is over so heres what I have to do well later today as it is 1:10 in the morning!
Get up at 10:00
Go to class at 11 ugh!! I have math... I hate math with a passion.. its the most horrible thing on this EARTH! I mean it! (I feel for your kids! math only gets harder as you go up in the years of school) Hell Im in college and can't pass basic algebra! ugh!
Go get lunch after class 12:15! yumm...
GO Give blood! Save A Life! You never know you maybe saving some one you know!!!
Go to class again at 2! ugh! Its on Geography! so its all good.. its not as bad as math!
Go to class again at 4:30! Have to remember to bring something to drink to class! ugh! I forget things to easily!
At Like 5:30 or so.. Im done with class!
Then I have nothing to do till Grey's Anatomy starts back up at 9!! You don't know how excited I am!! I love that show!! Seriously!
That my day in a nut shell!
I think I am gonna be BUSY! ugh!
but thats a college students life for you!!

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

Wow! and all I did was work 10 hours.. running nonstop, with only a 15 minute break, came home and did two loads of laundry, washed dishes, scrubbed the bathroom floors and then went on to enjoy a few games of online scrabble.

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

Will fill you in tomorrow, everyone!

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

IIRC = If I Recall/Remember Correctly

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

Happy MAYDAY!!

Well, besides print, fold, stuff, stamp and mail 165 letters for the boss' wife (cause her lazy @$#! asst can't seem to get it done ) on top of my regular office mgr duties...

I plan to away at lunchtime to check out how many books I can buy with my loverly EC Stimulus
I noticed the Book rack had about 5/6 of her Historicals I would very much like to read.

Then I have to come back here and continue well, okay... ( ) shh.
But, the best part...

Getting out of here to sit in traffic, pick up from daycare, go home to do and figure out how to cook and still eat before 8:00pm so can have her bath and into bed before 9pm....Just so I can get an hour or two in for my reading.
Doesn't sound busy, but for some reason having 3 kids(two teen girls and a 4yr old) and a clingy hubby makes for little time left for me...oh, that's right, I do have half hour in the car. woo-hoo for me!!

Of course, that's where I listen to all my fun music which currently is...
Sweeney Todd.
LOVE that movie!

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?


I just bought:

Sweet Revenge
What She Wants

So, After The Chase those will be next in line. I really should sign hubby up for bowling or some such manly sport so he can't complain about my nose beign bury in 'those smut books'

(Yes, we argued last night as I was laughing over a scene in The RR, I tried to explain to him and he said 'wow, that's alot to lead to a **** scene'

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

Tracy - mine was the same way, still is, his idea or quality time is me sitting there watching him play Tiger Woods on his playstation. *NOT!*

I read a lot before, but now everyday I bury my head in them during lunch (some of the guys at work stand over my shoulder at the smoke tables and read as well) and during what he calls television time. I stopped watching the television during the writer's strike and now that "Moonlight" is back on I dvr that and watch while he's gone to play pasture pool (Golf). He calls them smut books as well, of course his idea of a good book has to do with American Gangsters (Capone, etc.).

Re: What is on your "to do list" today?

No accounting for taste is there