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Re: Downloads from The Hall & Oates German Website

Hi, my name is Joan, and I just found this site, and I wish I could help with the server situation, but I don't know how that even works, so sorry. I do hope you've found one by now?
But I'm dying to find this album, or more to the point, a song on a certain album.
It's from a Hall & Oates album, "Do It For Love", from 2003, and Wikipedia says that their are 3 bonus tracks. I found the first and third one ok, but the second bonus track on that album is called "It Must Be", and it can't be found this one song on the web, ANYWHERE!

Now being a lover of music, as well as collecting/archiving, every artist and everyone of their albums, for over 35 years, I really can't stand it, when I can't find a song from an artist. And the bad thing is, I see (from that same Wikipedia page), that the bookstore, "Borders" had it. I say "had it", because, they closed down permanently, years ago! I've been racking my brain, as well as scouring the whole web for it, and I can't even find out how to get in touch with Borders, and ask them what they did with their inventory! A book website online "Kobo" bought some of them, but they don't have Borders music inventory.

Now I see, this website has it listed! Please tell me, how I can acquire that ONE song, for my collection!? As I can't continue on my discography of this wonderful artist, without it!! It's driving me nuts, so I need help, please! How can I get this one song?? I'd really appreciate it, if any help can be given!

Joan C.

P.S. I couldn't figure out, how to write this request, except for this spot, so I apologize, if it's in the wrong area! But I thought I read on that page, something to do with it was on a "German" site??