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Hall & Oates German Fan Website Message Board
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Happy birthday Mr. Daryl Hall

Hello! I am from Japan. Now the date is October 11th, in Japan. This day is the birthday of Mr. Daryl Hall.
Happy birth day Mr. Daryl Hall. Since I was in thirteen years old, I have been crazy for Hall & Oates music. Now I am fourty-two years old...From your first live performance in Japan, in Osaka, I visited every live performance. Your voice, songs, lylics have been just like the existence of god in my mind. Actually, I have been listening to your music almost every night for almost thirty years. I love all your tunes. And I love "Lemon song" which was very old song in "Gulliver" recording. The lylics of "Lemon song" was so attractive for me, even I was only thirteen years old. Please come to Japan for your live performance. Love. From Kyoto, Japan