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Hello to my Hall & Oates message board! Feel free to write your message about Daryl & John, Hall&Oates stuff you are looking for, ...

Hall & Oates German Fan Website Message Board
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Juergen & his Site

I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for all you do Juergen. You have by far the best Hall and Oates sites on WWW. I have always said so. EVERYTHING a fan wants you have and that is saying something. From lyrics to rare songs on audio, concert video,etc. FANTASTIC. Keep up all the great work you do on behalf of Daryl and John. I know they appreciate it and so do we their fans and your friends. I'll son be sending you more you can use.

Dawna M Diaz

Re: Juergen & his Site.. Yeah, thanks

I'm still kind of new to this group but have always listened to their songs and have really admired this board's dedication to all that Hall & Oates have done through their career. Thanks again for all your hard work on this board but the front page is kind of 'busy' but other than that good stuff.

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