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Apology still needed!!

You may be wondering why I am renewing my call for an apology to be issued by the former RSI after all this time. As you remember, I felt that they let the fans down when they went along with management's plan to release Marigold Sky on Push Records. What is worse, they did everything in their power to discredit the folks that warned of the pitfalls; that a small/unproven company wouldn't have the resources to make the majority of fans aware that H&O had a new album coming out, let alone get them back in the public's consciousness after a seven year absence. Of course the consequences were tragic, a major flop, effectively ending the careers of H&O as major players in the music industry. My demands for an apology after this fiasco were temporarily muted as I tried the give RSI every the benefit of the doubt, hoping that DIFL would return the guys to their Rock and Soul hitmaking ways. But now that DIFL is dropping like a rock down the charts, I am once again demanding an apology from NoCanDu and company for their roll in this mess which caused damage to the careers of H&O that, IMHO, is now permanent!