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Hello to my Hall & Oates message board! Feel free to write your message about Daryl & John, Hall&Oates stuff you are looking for, ...

Hall & Oates German Fan Website Message Board
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collect all of their stuffs, and have mine own makeup buniess also.

i am a big hall and oates fan for 12 years now. i need to know if you have any video's, t shirts, i have mine own cosmetics business. i am have an party , and i will be inviting you to come to it. i need around 300 to 1,ooo people to help put it all together, and i am giving free $100.00 wroth of free make , if you join mine party and we will have a good time. if you know anyone that needs an make over please have them contact me through mine e mail by phone 1 740 312 1489. or by address. linda ann stewart 41830 black oak road flushing ohio 43977. i am having mine first make over party around nov. 18th through feb.28th 2003. so i would need everyone you that needs to be pamber or an make up for them selves. you will recieve alot of free items if you join me now. I KNOW THERIR IS ALOT HALL AND OATES FANS OUT THEIR, AND I ALSO KNOW THEIR IS ALOT OF PEOPLE THAT NEEDS THE MAKE UP . THANK YOU AND WELCOME ABOARD TO MINE SMALL COSMETICS BUSINESS. I NEED 300 TO 1,000 PEOPLE TO RECIEVED ALL KINDS OF FREE STUFFS. RESPOND BACK TO ME SOON AS POSSIBLE. YOUR BIG HALL AND OATES FAN OF ALL.LINDA ANN STEWART. COSMETICS CONSULTANT MANAGER.