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Re: Daryl Hall drawing on eBay

I've never heard of the drawing and think that it's very cool!

I have some listings on ebay that I wanted to FYI in case anyone is interested.

Several promo photographs, one of Daryl very young, sitting in cafe and the other 2 are of Daryl and John. ebay #'s 912073716, 912073230, 912072878, 912072636, 912072257.

BBB Tour Book #912071586, albums: #912069503, 912070274.

Daryl Hall 3 Hearts Tote Bag: #912074406

Dangerous Dances Book: 912300093

Cap: #912310501 (sells at concert for $20 or $25)

Sweatshirt: #91231155585 (sold at a concert for $125.00)

listings under: GuitarsWail on eBay.

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Replying to:

I heard Daryl Hall hand drew a satiric cartoon album cover for Whole Oats in 1974 and I hear it's coming up for auction on eBay in a week or two. Original two-sided Daryl drawing on a blank while LP sleeve. Has anybody else heard about this?