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Daryn Hall Recording with the Tower of Power Horns

Hello Hall & Oats fans worldwide.

I am hoping that someone can help me with this. I am a collector of recording by the Tower of Power, and their legandary TOP Horn Section. The TOP Horn section has been doing studio work for hundreds and hundreds of artists on their recording for 33 + years.

A bunch of years ago the TOP Horns played on a recording by Daryl Hall that may, (or may not), have ever been released. Can those reading this please check their Daryl Hall (or Hall & Oats) recording to see if there were any horn players on them. (The horn section that I am looking for would have probably been at least five (5) musicians, and would have included Emilio Castillo & Stephen "the funky doctor" Kupka.

I would appreciate any and all help that I could get, and look forward to getting many return e-mails from you all.

Thank you in advance.

Jack Silva

New Bedford, Ma.