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Re: Question about the "7 Big Ones" DVD

They've messed up on those DVDs, it's because of poor job of

transfering the videos to the new format. Daryl & John should see their footage. And they should be angry at RCA

for a sloppy job they've done.

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Replying to:

I found this review at

AVOID THIS! The source material for this DVD was clearly VHS tape, as the audio and video quality is beyond substandard. It's awful enough to release a set this skimpy when Hall & Oates have a vast video catalog to draw from. It's downright criminal when the 7 videos shown look and sound as bad as they do. Hopefully, RCA (which owns the masters) will see to it to release a comprehensive Best Of career set of H&O, the best-selling duo in rock history. I own 400+ DVDs and have never seen anything this bad.

Has anyone this DVD? Is the quality of the DVD so bad?