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Todd Lockwood

Have you considered contacting Todd Lockwood about doing some sketches for you to design mini's off of? You have the great classic D&D artists, why not the new classic (3rd edition anyway) artist.

Just a thought.

Chris James

Re: Todd Lockwood

Hi Chris -

I am a big fan of Todd and his artwork. I have his "Transitions" artbook on my bookshelf actually.

The source art is not the issue - Dark Sword has awesome artwork source material galore from the atists we work with. The bottleneck is the limited time of the sculptors Dark Sword works with. Dark Sword has a certain look and feel we strive for (yes, we do diverge from time to time on purpose to test other styles out) with the quality and details on our sculpts. With that being said, we have a small tightly focused group of sculptors that bring the artwork to life for Dark Sword.

So while I dig Todd's artwork, I hate to spread Dark Sword too thin on our existing lines to start doing minis based on art from another great artist.