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Mounted minis

Could you recommend a line of mounted figures that would go along with the Game of thrones line?

Re: Mounted minis

Hi Ken - no clue at all on exact matches in style and such. I imagine Reaper Minis would have some nice mounted minis in armor and such.

There are two (yes two!) mounted minis on the plan for this year.

And you will be able to jump in and show your support of these minis somepoint here around mid Q2.

Stay tuned....



Re: Mounted minis

The quality between Darksword and Reaper is too mismatched, so I have to pass on Reaper. What I really wanted to hear is the words, there will be mounted figures this year from Darksword.I will put my money on these figures and hope everyone else does as well. Hopefully there will be such a huge demand that you'll start producing more. I hope the rider and mount are two seperate pieces.