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Size and scale of the critter miniatures

I'm looking for size comparison photos or exact measurements of the various critter miniatures. I'm interested in using them either for the board game Mice and Mystics (as mentioned by a previous poster below), and/or to go along with Reaper's Legions of Justice and Caeke, and/or Reaper's Mouslings. I can tell that some of the critters are larger than others, i.e. the Marmot is bigger than the ground squirrel, but that's about all I know so far.

I've found lots of discussion and photos of Dark Sword's human minis, but so far have not been able to find any measurements, scale comparisons, etc. for the critters. Even, which lists individual measurements for many of the human minis, doesn't seem to have measurements of the animals.

Re: Size and scale of the critter miniatures

Hi there.

The Mouslings from Reaper are rather small and rotund (on purpose). Their Legion of Justice and Cake minis fit right in with all of our critters.

Our critters vary in size to make them pop more and give variety. But they are all designed to fit in together.

I imagine they would fit right in with the Mice and Mystics Board Game minis, but cannot say for sure as I do not have the game.