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Animal Minis for the Mice and Mystics Game.

I am sure by now you are aware if the insanely popular new board game Mice and Mystics

It is a cross between Heroquest and Warhamer Quest, and is much fun for advanced players, and kids alike.

Many of your animal critiers seem made for the game. Already people are working on home-brewed expansions for the board game using many of your miniatures. Those that are "in scale", the mole, the frogs, the turtle, and the mice are a fantastic match for the plastic miniatures in the game.

One thing my daughter and wife would like is more Female character options. Currently you have a female mouse theif, and a female mouse witch. However there is a lack of female warrior types in your collection. Any chance on getting a female mouse warrior with a sword?


Re: Animal Minis for the Mice and Mystics Game.

Hi there.

On many of our animals/critters, you can use the mini for a male or female model no worries.

For instance, the Schnauzer Ranger and Schnauzer Paladin minis are actually of my two miniature schnauzers in real life (which are both female in real life). You would never know it from the minis as we did not give them human type female breasts like we did on a couple of other minis (mice in particular).

We are in the process of filling out the critter lines with more minis in the year ahead for the different character type classes so stay tuned on that front.



Re: Animal Minis for the Mice and Mystics Game.

irishman, have you used any Dark Sword minis in the Mice and Mystics game? I am still trying to find out how they compare in size. I would love to see some pictures if you have tried them out.