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Critter People

I've done one or two anthropomorphics myself, but I love the work Dave is doing. Had to have some... and now I've thought of an excuse to buy more! I was working on a Descent varient and looking for a theme. Well, we've got Mole (mole alchemist) and Ratty (Pi-Rat) and of course Badger and Toad... well, okay, the scenario will be *slightly* different...

Re: Critter People

Hi Richard!

Thanks for the post and the kind words. I seem to recall a Dennis Mize Story that he told me that you would hide little easter eggs (in the form of Rabbits I think he said) on some of your sculpts back in the days at Partha? Dennis Mize used to tell me some pretty cool stories from the Partha days. Tom Meier does as well along with Dave Summers.

I am very glad you dig the Dark Sword critters. Your new Descent variant sounds very cool

Thanks and talk to you soon!