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Demon Knight - assembly issue

I've got the Demon Knight from the Parkinson Masterworks line, and running into a major assembly issue. The hands don't seem to fit well on the arm stumps and I've had a devil of a time getting the glue to hold - it won't join at all, and now I think I have too much dried glue on the ends and it won't be able to bond anymoore....


Re: Demon Knight - assembly issue

Hi there.

You can gently get the dried glue off with your Xacto knife so no worries there.

With all minis, dry fit them before you glue to ensure everything is going to go together nice and smooth.

Often times there might be gentle bending that is needed on the parts to get them to dry fit perfect from the blister or boxed set to ready to assemble. This is where the dry fitting comes into play.