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tortoise mini

im not really into animal "people",but when i first seen that mini i had to have it, that and the new honey badger rock. is there any chance we can get a tortoise paladin or "tank" archetype?, heck even a group of adventuring turtle types of different species would be really cool. snapping turtle rogue or warrior, painted turtle bard and or mage just for example. also im curious if your going to do anymore victorian and steampunky themed minis? well thx for taking time to read my post and happy painting!

Re: tortoise mini

my mistake, i mean the frothy uk badger not honey badger

Re: tortoise mini

Hi there. Thanks for the post.

A Tank Turtle (fighter) is already on the concept art list.

I like your idea about the painted turtle bard. I thought of doing an evil tank snapping turtle as well, but figured we better get more good-themed critters out before doing the evil ones.

We do indeed have some more SteamPunk minis on the way in 2012 so no worries there...



Re: tortoise mini

sweets thx for the info, looking forward to everything u guys do this year, love everything from the pats and slowly working on collecting what i can