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Targaryen Miniaturs

Any chance of doing some Targaryen miniatures in the future?

I'm especially hoping for Rhaegar, to compliment the young Robert Baratheon.

Also I would really like to see Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys.


Re: Targaryen Miniaturs

Agree 100% about a Rhaegar to accompany Young Robert in everyone's Ruby Ford dioramas! Saw a link to a poll for opinions as to which Dark Sword minis should come next whle perusing GRRM's blog yesterday, and Rhaegar's name was not on the list to vote for. I have been hoping this means he's already in the pipeline, but that might just be wishful thinking - could be we'll have to wait a year or 2 for Rhaegar... But the good news is that a mounted Khal Drogo is winning the poll so far! Be nice to see mounted figs in a line with so many knights, even if Drogo isn't a knight himself.

But we already have 2 Dany's, and Viserys was on the list to vote for. I could see them doing a Maester Aemon at some point too, so I'm sure there will be more Targ representation eventually.

Re: Targaryen Miniaturs

Aegon VI would be my wish

Re: Targaryen Miniaturs

These would for sure be further down the road a tad as we still have so many great minis in the current storyline to sculpt up. The Young Robert complimenting mini would be first on the list of course as this would then complete the Ruby Ford homage.



Re: Targaryen Miniaturs

Another one for my wish list: Bloodraven.

OK, technically he's a Rivers, but he still has plenty of dragon blood, so I feel fairly on-topic suggesting him in a Targ minis thread.

The 3-eyed crow version would be great since it's still just guys from the current stoyline being sculpted up (other than the 2 young Roberts), but I am mostly talking about the Dunk & Egg version.

I know it'll be a while, but I can wait.

Meanwhile, I happily await whatever is coming up next, GRRM Masterworks-wise.