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George R.R.Martin's Fire and Ice books

I just brought the first issue of the graphic novel of Game of Thornes the question is should i relay on some of the colors used in the it or use a varated of them?

Re: George R.R.Martin's Fire and Ice books

I do not know if the colors in the comic are spot-on to what George goes over in the books, but I imagine they would be mostly accurate.



Re: George R.R.Martin's Fire and Ice books

Really, you ought to read the books and use those as your guide if you are trying to make your GRRM minis true to the original story. Or if you're not; they are the greatest thing ever, it is known.

That said, yes, the comics would be a pretty good painting reference if you are trying to make your GRRM minis look like the way they are described in the books. They're quite faithful to GRRM's vision as he describes things in the books; certainly moreso than the TV series (which is awesome too nonetheless). One of the fun things about reading Daniel Abraham's comic book adaptation (for me anyhow) is picking put the things they got "right" in the comics but "wrong" (however well-reasoned) on TV.

Also, there are colour schemes for a lot of the early minis in the GRRM line on the main store page for the GRRM minis. They went missing for a while, but as of today they're back! What's more, Jim has also added the additional notes GRRM shared with Matt V for the studio paint jobs that were previously only available via a forum post from late April '09. (Thanks Jim!) So even more of the minis have easy to find paint colour scheme suggestions now.

Hope this helps, even if it has been a while since you asked.

Oooooh, just realized issue #6 is due out tomorrow!