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Just curious

Dennis Mize is credited at the top of the page, and Walter Paisley below the green photos. Must be a joke...?

Re: Just curious

You are indeed correct. It is an inside joke. There is a big ol' story behind this (far too long to tell here). Maybe someday I will type it up. The Short Story - There were two minis he did under this name - they were both massive reworks of test sculpts from another sculptor for another Dark Sword line that were not approved by the artist. So we made lemonade out of lemons and the other sculptor was paid in full. Dennis owed me some big favors so he offered to do a big overhaul on them for Dark Sword. Everyone won...

Dennis was a huge B Movie fan. Type in the name he used on a Google search and you will see the results.



Re: Just curious

Ah, thought so. Google & Wikipedia turned up the fictional character name, but I wasn't sure of the connection. Makes much more sense, now. Thanks for clarifying, and please do type it up someday, it sounds like an interesting story.