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Ice and Fire in 28mm?

Any possiablity that the Ice and Fire miniatures can be produced in true 28mm scale rather than 32mm?

They are too big to fit in with conventional gaming miniatuers. They would be much in demand as commanders/heros/characters for many wargame armies except for the size problem.

I've had to convert all the characters for my Hordes of the Things Armies rather than buying yours.

This has saved me alot of money - but I would have been happy to have increased your bottom line (as would many wargammers...)


Re: Ice and Fire in 28mm?

Hi Thomas -

Do me a favor and grab a ruler with mm on it, measure your minis up and tell me how tall they are.

I think you will be shocked at the results...

28mm is almost non-existent in terms of true actual size of the mini. Most are 30mm to 35mm tall these days. 28mm essentially means gaming scale these days.

Or they are 28mm tall and do not even look human as they have little bodies and pumpkin heads and baseball mitt sized hands.


Re: Ice and Fire in 28mm?

I'm aware that 28mm is not so much a "scale" as a concept.

I'm comparing the Ice and Fire figures to the Perry Brother's historicals both plastic and metal for both the Hundred Years War and the War of the Roses. The Perry brother's figures are sold as "28mm" and mix easily with Front Rank and even Warhammer figures.

The Ice and Fire figures tower over the Perry figures and are clearly several millimeters taller. I use the "Hound" figure to represent the Mountain (though the spare head placed on a Warhammer figure makes a great Hound - I know what you mean about "pumpkin heads" on other companies figures).

We had 6 Ice and Fire armies show up at Dragon Con and none of them used your figures for the same reason - too big to match even the biggest wargame figures. We all agreed that we would like to use your figures but for the size issue.

I'm not suggesting not producing the 32mm figures (and 54mm for that matter) only adding a "true" 28mm line that's compatable with Perry/Front Rank etc.

This way we can use your character figures while other companies provide the rank and file (though we would no doubt add your rank and file as it becomes available - not to mention mounted).

Again just stand one of your figures next to a Perry Brother figure and I think you'll see why your not cracking the lucrative wargame market to the extent your fine figures deserve.


Re: Ice and Fire in 28mm?

If we did do 28mm minis, they would still look out of place as our proportions& detail are so much tighter. Our Parkinson Masterworks range was a tad on the smaller side when we started out and it was stunning looking at them next to other companies miniatures. Same height, but a whole different look/vibe to them. In other words, they did not fit in.

We have no plans to do a smaller sized range of minis as you cannot get the subtle variances in height, weight and facial features that come to play in the books to reflect in the smaller miniatures. They would be really rough caricatures in a smaller size/scale.

We are going to do more general troop types in the near future for people that want to do skirmish/wargaming with them (knights, Men at Arms, archers, skirmishers, etc), but this is not the main intent of the line. It is a premium collectors line that is more about detail and personality attributes on each mini vs. cheap/rough sculpts that are one piece and can be pulled out of the mold super fast - but no real stand-out detail or personality - but does not matter as they are just being ranked up for a huge table top game.

Tom Meier and Jeff Grace only have so much time in the day to devote to sculpting up Dark Sword pieces. So we want to do something special that will stand the test of time with those who collect our ranges. Doing smaller war gaming miniatures with less detail and rougher proportions where price/qty is more important than quality would be like taking a champion race horse and making them pull a plow all day long in the field - not an effective use of their talents.



Re: Ice and Fire in 28mm?

Just keep doing what your doing. Those of us who buy your miniatures buy them for a reason. "QUALITY"
(I wouldn't be upset if you had a mounted line though)