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Your dvd

I hope that the dvd is a little better than Alecz because she is very hard to understand considering that it is dubted.

Re: Your dvd

All i can say "thank you very very much".

Re: Your dvd

Hi Marc!

As I am sure you have seen - the Dark Sword DVD Jen/Anne talking through everything they do over the entire DVD. And it is all live, not voice over talking done in post production. It is important for me to ensure that there is a very casual "viewer-friendly" style on this DVD as they demonstrate everything as this is how I learn best. Early reviews on the DVD set seem to embrace this approach we have taken on the Dark Sword DVD set.

Let us know your thoughts on the DVD set. I am trying to compile any comments/thoughts on people that have watched the Dark Sword DVD (and comparisons to other DVD sets out there are appreciated as well) so I can post them up and people can read them.