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Old Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors
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Re: Ferguson front badge / Ferguson merket

A new answer to an old question? Well Bill, it seems the UK and US built TO & TE-20 badges were a natural aluminum high spots with the blue paint in the lower casting. In 1955, the larger emblem was changed to the green used on TO35 castings and lower chassis parts. Or should I saw- this is what I have seen on the models I own, and other untouched originals I have seen since taking an interest in ferries.

Re: Ferguson front badge / Ferguson merket

Oh no, there is no such things as old questions. All reply's are welcome. :D

There were at least two versions in England, but I mean it might have been three. The last one had a color that people tell me looks like something called duck egg blue in what you call the lower casting. And the rest was chrome, I mean the raised letters and the frame sort of around it. Then, before that the paint in the lower casting was the same color gray as the rest of the Ferguson TE-20 / TEA-20 and others. But, I have seen a movie from the late 1940ties, and there you clearly see some kind of blue in the lower casting. And this blue looks more like a navy blue. The colors in that movie is not the best since it is so old, and moved from old film to VHS and DVD, but compared to other colors in the movie I will say it is some kind of navy blue. I have met resistance in England to this, some means it was never navy blue.