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Jean Theoret Update

Jean remains in University of Louisville Hsopital in the trauma unit. I spoke with Jane Schumacher a little while ago and they have found nothing internal or external as yet after a CAT scan! I also just spoke with Scott Raney who is at the hospital and he echoed what Jane told me. We're not out of the woods yet, but everyone is seeing a ray of sunshine emerging. He continues to get stronger and improving. Jane and Billy are heading to Lousiville tomorrow morning to be with him. Sounds much, much better and our thanks to the Madison Safety and Resuce team led by Buddy Gaw and our own ABRA Rescue team. They were spectacular under pressure. We are all praying and wishing the best for Jean and the entire U-37 team right now.......

Re: Jean Theoret Update

Thanks for the update Sam. We will continue to keep him in our thoughts. Everyone did a great job out there today. A big thanks from all us fans.


Re: Jean Theoret Update

Thanks Sam for the update, It's appreciated by the whole racing community and we are all thinking of Jean, his family, & the 37 team.

Re: Jean Theoret Update

Great news. Thanks for the information. Good thoughts for Jean, his team and his family.

Re: Jean Theoret Update

Thanks for the new Sam...I'm his niece and we all pray for him here in Quebec...

Re: Jean Theoret Update

My thoughts and prayers are with Jean, his family, the team, and all us fans who are all shocked and pulling for a speedy and 100% recovery.

The U-37 team has got to be the most unluckiest team in recent memory. With the past couple years, they have had numerous heats/finals go wrong via flips, broken props, and subject calls (Seafair 2008, San Diego 2008). And to top it all off, Jean has this happen to him. My heart truly goes out to him and his family right now, and may he have the courage and strength for a full and speedy recovery.

Nobody is a bigger U-37 fan than me, but the team/boat is the last thing we should all be talking about. Jean should be our first and only concern right now, but I understand everyone's concern for the teams/boat future........but now is not the time to discuss it. Jean truly deserves and needs everyone's compassion and appreciation right now........let's give it to him and his family. I'm sure he'll have access to our comments at some point down the road, so let's all give him words of encouragement. Let's show him how much he truly means to each of us.

Thank you.

Get well soon Jean, I will say a special prayer for you tonight Pal.

Re: Jean Theoret Update

Comet - What the heck has one got to do with the other.

Yes everyone will be wishing Jean a speedy recovery and get well wishes, myself included, but if people want to discuss their thoughts about the boat and the team then so what, they are welcome and entitled to. Doesnt mean they dont wish Jean the best of wishes.

You say that members here should just be wishing Jean gets well and thats all, well dont you think as well as wishing Jean well, that Billy and Jane and Scott are also going to be thinking about what needs to be done to the boat. Heck they have invested a **** load of money into it and knowing Billy and Jane and Scott I would bet that have already started working on a Plan B while Jean is recovering.

Besides do you honestly think that everyone here will not post anything about the boat or team, I really doubt that.

Have a good one.


Re: Jean Theoret Update

WTF Ned!!!!

Have you no respect for Jean, his family, or the team. You make it out to look like an old west showdown. Your the type to tear the clothes off a gunfighters body before there even dead yet. (I apologize for the tastless analogy, but it was the best I could come up at the time of this message).

All I was saying that it is clear that the boat is done for Madison and to concentrate on Jean and his family. No doubt Billy and Jane are looking towards the future..........but I'm quite sure not as QUICKLY as you make it out to appear. Have you no compassion at all!

I come on here and just ask to refrain from the speculation for awhile and you attack me on this forum. Nice........shows your intelligence A-hole.

Were talking about life and death here, not just about a **** boat and it's future pal! Has society fallen so far that machines are more important than people. My God, this just happened yesterday afternoon people! If this had been a week (or even a couple days) later, now that would be different. Now go eat a donut.......armchair quarterback!

that being said, I'm done with this you will no longer be dignified with a response.

Re: Jean Theoret Update

Had a call from my brother Mike (Oberto GM) and his wife (Laura Oberto - aka Larry Oberto's sister) during a family get togehter in their home in Kirkland WA last night. They would like to extend their prayers and hopes for Jean's speedy recovery.

Although I'm stuck down here in Kingston, TN and not at the races, I too pray for Jean and his family.

A side note from my brother to Steve David, hitting bouys is not in your contract!

Re: Jean Theoret Update

From Marc Pierre on the Yahoo hydro site.

"Hello to all , I've talked with Jean's mother (who's at home) yesterday night and the latest news are positive . No brain damage , all vital signs good but like Jimmy Shane's case 2 weeks ago with the water of Lake Onondaga , the concern is the polluted water of the Ohio river in his lungs . His wife Danielle is with him and he finally opened his eyes . Early reports but unofficial , Jean took his steering wheel off to try to get out of the cockpit but his air mask was broken with the impact . Jean is a strong guy and will be OK . For those who know them , religion is an important part of their lives and the family appreciates the thoughts and mostly prayers . Misses Theoret thanks all the hydro racing brotherhood for the calls and visits at her house . Thanks"

Re: Jean Theoret Update

Here's the interview at LCN in Québec...Sylvain Dorais explain everthing (in french).

It goes well, he even phoned his mother and children this morning. This is very good news and we look forward to seeing him back in Québec!

Julie (niece of Jean).

Re: Jean Theoret Update

Comet - Grow some balls boy and harden up. Had Jean been fighting life and death yeah then agree, but when you made your post he was recovering, no internal or external injuries etc etc.

Oh and if you think calling me names bothers me, think again dickweed. And tell me how much have you done for this sport, sweet 2/10ths of **** All I presume. Me, an armchair quarterback, I dont think so sunshine.

Have a nice day