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Category: Hoodoo vs. "Voodoo"
  1. *What is the difference between Vodou & Hoodoo? Aren't they the same?

  1. *What is the difference between Vodou & Hoodoo? Aren't they the same?

    No. Most of what passes for "legitimate" Vodou in books, hollywood movies and popular culture, is actually the magicobotanical practice of Hoodoo, which is not a religion, and also has its origins in West Africa where it was a fully developed and very powerful tradition borne to specific ethnic lineage's gifted with the spirits to practice it correctly. HOODOO, though not a religion, is the "folk magic" of the common people in West Africa, just as it is in the diaspora today. From socalled "love potions," to taking vegenace upon an enemy, Hoodoo is largely what has survived the religious presecution of the Africans enslaved in the New World. Additionally, due to the laws passed perventing the African from practicing any African based tradition, "Hoodoo" (known as Ggbo in West Africa) was forced to undergo the same superficial transformation as did the Vodou religion (in which they hid their gods behind Catholic Saints). Hoodoo blended with acceptable Native American & European folklore and practice, but the actual methods and power behind it remained completely African. Click here for more historical information on Hoodoo.go to the bottom of this page if you are simply searching for books on the magicbotanical practice of Hoodoo. You may also follow the link below for a recent interview with Mami Wata & Vodoun priestess, Mamaissii Vivian on Hoodoo.

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